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I was born and raised in Plaquemine , Louisiana. During my early childhood, I was a frequent church goer. I watched my mom and aunts sing in the choir and my grandparents serve as leaders/elders. Being an active kid, I found myself in trouble 80% of the time but began to channel that energy into two passions; music and art. Due to my asthma and bronchitis, I never thought I would take my career far as a musician but just used it as an outlet. The only way I would sit still and be quiet in class was if I was allowed to draw or make crafts. It wasn’t until my 6th grade year when I moved to Baton Rouge that my love for music started to flourish. I began beatboxing on the lunchroom table and reciting lyrics and battling around school and the neighborhood. I was never a street guy or a trouble maker but due to the environment I was in, I folded to the pressure of acceptance and the false sense of manhood and identity. I began fighting ( a lot), smoking weed & selling it ( to buy shoes and other things my mom couldn’t afford). My life was a spiral of mess. I found myself at the brink of death a few times where fights escalated and weapons were pulled. It was during this time I began to seriously use music as an escape. After all, I was just a typical young black male going through stuff that was all too common; wanting the latest Jordans that all of your classmates had, living in a 1 parent household, dealing with bullies and being teased at school, ect. All throughout this time, I would hear a still small voice telling me to “come closer” and “stop running”.  I almost ruined my life one day by deciding to deal with a bully by shooting him with a gun I was given by a friend. The plan fell through horribly before I could go through with it and it was by the grace of God I didn’t get caught! But out of that situation, God told me that it was time to get myself together and that I would be killed if I didn’t make a change. Finally, at the end of my 8th grade year, after losing many friends to death or prison, I was finally ready to let God in. I had nothing to lose. I told God at this point, He could either use me or kill me. And thankfully, he decided to use me. My family relocated when I started high school and I began to attend church and do other activities that weren’t available to me before. On a youth retreat during the weekend of April 27, 2007 in the woods of St. Francisville, Louisiana, I gave my life to Jesus. I’d love to say that I got my stuff together after that but I’d be lying. I still struggled with the life I was used to and the things I was so accustomed to doing. My youth pastor poured lots of time into me and picked my brain to find out why my mindset was the way it was and my father also spent lots of time reassuring me that I was destined to be a man and not a statistic. So I fell super hard into serving God and being about His mission. Fast forward to around late 2008, I’ve been serving in ministry for a while consistently and doing many outreaches and community service events. I was saved and loving Jesus but still rapping about stuff I used to do. Then at one event I served at, I met two Christian artists, Prizm & Doc Kno. Until that time, I didn’t know that Christian rap was even a thing. They told me to rap my truth and to use my experiences to reach people who are like me. The ones who had the same problems I had and walked the road I walked. In 2010, I formed Christ Musik and began to do Christian rap. After high school, I went off to Louisiana Tech where I graduated with a Bachelors in Graphic Design. My love for art haunted me until I changed my major and decided to use what God gave me instead of following the worlds version of success. During college, I married my high school sweetheart Freddricka, who has been such a huge support and inspiration in my walk with Christ and my music career. To our union, we have had one son, Carter. Aside from music, I started my own business doing graphic design and fine art. My wife also has her own ministry ( ). She give make up tutorials, does blogging, shares the Gospel and help women who struggle with value and identity. As I look back at my life and where I am now, it seems as if this was all forever ago. But I am grateful to be in the position I am in and glad that God chose me to do His work and gave me a second chance. Now my goal is to make others realize, they can get a second chance as well.



My approach with music has always been southern in its delivery but eastern in its complexity and western in its flow. I make Christian music but it isnt for Christians. Afterall, the Bible says the well dont need a physician. (Mark 2:15-17).  I love to tell stories that anyone can understand with the hope that it will point you to Christ. Gratefully, I am able to use design and music to reach people and exercise the craftsmanship God has given.

In 2010 Christ Musik was started and I began to pass music out around campus. Once in college, I released my first major mixtape, Grammy Speech (2014). This mixtape gave me exposure around northern Louisiana and opened the door to may media outlets. In April of 2015 my first official album, Streets of Gold, was released. Following the release, the Streets of Gold Tour was launched. The #StreetsOfGoldTour saw approximately 60+ shows and lasted until January of 2017.   During the tour, I’ve did many radio interviews and even had the opportunity to do big events such as Buffalo Fest in Baker, La & open for Casey J at Grambling University’s annual Tiger Fest. This album also earned me a 2016  New Orleans Gospel Award nomination for Best New Artist and Best Christian Rap Artist. Brash! Magazine gave me my first publication in their January-February 2017 issue. After the January 2018 release of my EP 30 Pieces of Silver, I was graced enough to be featured on Trackstarz as well as 92.7 FM of Monroe, LA.

During the Summer of 2018, I signed my first official label deal with Rapture Ready Productions of Baton Rouge, LA. In early October of that year, my first official single "BulletProof" featuring JayKnight was released and received placements from both Rapzilla and Trackstarz. My first official album under the label, "Apollo's Fall from Grace" was released on January 14, 2019. This album also received placements from Rapzilla and Trackstarz as well as Rap Remnant as well as placement on a 80,000 listener playlist curated by Spotify. These achievements secured a 2019 Best Hip Hop Artist nomination from IRAA Awards.

I pray that everyone is encouraged and learn to trust in Christ and the very talents that God has given you to be successful. Step out on faith, master your craft and TRUST GOD to make opportunities for you.


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